TRVE HILL for Rhythm Blend #018
TRVE HILL surprises with a new guest mix and Interview for the Gs from Rhythm Blend. releasedate 16.04.2021
ANDREW - Insecure (Brent Faiyaz Rmx) for Les Ami
Andrew made an nice exclusive uptempo remix of Brent Faiyaz - insecure for the homies from les ami. releasedate 11.04.2021
TRVE HILL - miss fatty dub
TRVE HILL brings the Miss fatty vibes into a new 2021 version and picked the incredible Singer Fabio Battista on the tune to support on the guitar and in the backings. releasedate 10.04.2021
TRVE HILL hit the 4k Followers on Soundcloud. Congratulations bro. The GEMPACK 4k Special was a special release, including 6 Tracks, 3 of which were unpublished and one available for 48 hours on Bandcamp. releasedate 02.04.2021
Lathiva - conversations Mix
Lathivha killed it on her new mix. the mix contains an unbelievable mixture of jazz, neo soul and underground rnb hits. releasedate 21.03.2021
venti - LOSE YOURSELF edit
Venti flipped Borja Smiths lose yourself into a nice new interpretation. releasedate 20.03.2021
Ticklish & Lehvi - SWV Jam
the Berlin Homie Ticklish dropped his ticklish reboots 10 and picked Lehvi for their dope SWV Jam. releasedate 12.03.2021
TRVE HILL - Slow Grind (funked Uo Version)
TRVE HILL released some super dope funk vibes mixed up with a cozy RnB touch. releasedate 25.02.2021
TRVE HILL for Low Vibes Session #045
new TRVE HILL guest mix for the costa rican homies from Low vibes Sessions. releasedate 21.02.2021
TRVE HILL - laugh now cry later (TRVE HILL flip)
TRVE HILL flipped Drakes - laugh now cry later and made a mix of uptempo footwork moods mixed up with crazy brass sections and dipped the vocals into some g-funk talkbox vibes. releasedate 06.02.2021
ANDREW for Les Ami Radio / From Andrew with love
les Ami invited Andrew for the Edition Andrew with love for a new guest mix on Les Ami Radio. releasedate 05.02.2021
Sen Senta - Euforia (TRVE HILL remix)
its just fuckin cold January and TRVE HILL brings back the summerbreez with his new Sen Senta - Euforia remix. releasedate 25.01.2021
venti - ALLUSIONS. mix
Venti released his special Mix ALLUSIONS. the mix is ​​combined with a shirt and art print which is available for the mix in a limited edition. releasedate 21.01.2021
ANDREW - isolation EP
happy new year to y’all! 2021 starts w/ a very special Release. Andrews first official release with 4 original compositions is out now on all platforms. TRVE HILL got a feature part on the electronic based track separate room as well. releasedate 08.01.2021
Andrew is back w/ another guest mix for Frankfurts Mixquisite Sundays. releasedate 13.12.2020
lathivha for Res.Radio w/ Miss Controll
new guestmix from Frankfurts first ladies Lathivha and Miss controll for Res.Radio out now. releasedate 10.12.2020
thatboii wave sundaytape w/ lathiva
Thatboii.wave sundaytape number 7 w/ Lathivha Ding is out now on youtube. releasedate 08.11.2020
TRVE HILL for Infinite Beats Show
another new guesmix from TRVE HILL for Londons Infinite Beats show. releasedate 29.11.2020
JÀNA feat. Vanjess - Green (Andrew. Remix) on Majestic Casual Records
this latest release from our man Andrew is a banger. This jewel rmx of jana and Vanjess is officially out on Majestic Casual. releasedate 6.11.2020
ANDREW. @ Off Air Session
Andrew out now with a new guest mix for South Koreans Off Air Sessions straight outta seoul. releasedate 03.11.2020
Bryson Tiller - Blame (TRVE HILL Remix)
on his latest releases, TRVE HILL jumped on Bryson Tillers - blame Vocals and made a special , trippy slow jam remix. releasedate 29.10.2020
Jade - I wanna love (Andrew x Smilez Remix)
Andrew and down under main man Smilez flipped another 90s vibes on Jade - i wanna love. releasedate 20.10.2020
Andrew @ Infinite Beats Show / London UK
new guest mix from the brother Andrew for the infinite beats Show London. releasedate 18.10.2020
ANDREW. - rock the boat w/ dion
Andrew has brought his brother dion on his side and produced a super sick housey uptempo version and some kaytra vibes of aaliyahs - rock the boat. releasedate 11.10.2020
Andrew. @ INFINIT VIBES 17
Andrew with an new sick guest mix for the homies from Infinit Blog. releasedate 07.10.2020
thatboii wave sundaytape w/ MingDing
Thatboii.wave sundaytape number 6 w/ VMing Ding is out now on youtube. releasedate 20.09.2020
Andrew - FINE (4K Special)
Andrew hits the 4k soundcloud follower and is grateful with the new FINE Edit. releasedate 30.08.2020
TRVE HILL @ Also Radio Oslo ( Sweden )
new TRVE HILL guestmix for Oslos number one Radio ALSO. releasedate 20.08.2020
TRVE HILL had the honor to be a guest on the „love at the End“ Show from Londons Reprezent Radio Host Blue Canarinho. TRVE HILL had quick talk and made a guest mix alongside the legends VHOOR, LORKESTRA & XANDER. releasedate 03.08.2020
TRVE HILL @ Classic Morrow Radio Bristol / UK
once again he is back w/ nice driving guest mix for Bristol based Classic Morrow Show. releasedate 31.07.2020
TRVE HILL - HD DRIVE Vol. 1 / Edits & Remixes
he delivers 11 tracks, fusing all kind of genres from R&B, Hiphop, Electronic to Afrobeats and Chill Baile. Even though the clubs are closed in most parts of the world, TRVE HILL’s edits will bring a fresh vibe to your summer 2020 playlist. “HD Drive Vol . 1 / edits & remixes” also contains collaborations with Smooth Operator 3000, LPACA, August Mae and Andrew.
LEHVI - Big Trees EP
Lehvi released his new „Big Trees“ EP, full of original compositions with a heavy summer vibe. He perfectly fuses house music with neo-soul, elements of baile and some future beats, to provide us a nice soundtrack to enjoy sunny days at the park or at the beach. released 10.07.2020
thatboii wave sundaytape w/ venti
Thatboii.wave sundaytape number 5 w/ VENTI is out now on youtube. released on 05.07.2020
COLORS X AIAIAI Headphone Soundtrack by Lehvi
big tings out now… Lehvi made this soundtrack for the new COLORS x AIAIAI Headphone that has just been released. released 27.06.2020
Andrew. - luv like this
Andrew with another nice 90s flavor in his new luv like this uptempo flip of faith Evans classic single out now on soundcloud. released 26.06.2020
thatboii wave sundaytape w/ andrew.
Thatboii.wave sundaytape number 4 w/ ANDREW is out now on youtube. releasedate 21.06.2020
QNOE & TRVE HILL - however
Qnoe and TRVE HILL doin business together and bring the soul 2 soul classic „ back 2 life „ on a whole new level and flipped it into hard garage vibes. releasedate19.06.2020
Jungle - Demonz interlude w/ Andrew.
new super cozy & chill Demonz interlude flip by Jungle and Andrew. releasedate 29.05.2020
Andrew. - Perdono (andrew. x Jungle Edit)
Andrew and stuttgart buddy jungle released an dope uptempo pumpin edit of perdano. releasedate 27.05.2020
thatboii wave sundaytape w/ trve hill
Thatboii.wave sundaytape number 3 w/ TRVE HILL ist out now on youtube. released on 24.05.2020
Andrew. - dangerous w/ Luca
ANDREW released a dope housy, garage rex of bustas dangerous w/ the german/canadian homie Luca. releasedate 23.05.2020
thatboii wave sundaytape w/ chelo
the pandemic situation is still kickin ass, and the 2nd livestream w/ our thatboii.wave sundaytape series is online. Once again with our mainman Chelo on the ones and twos. releasedate 03.05.2020
TRVE HILL @ united we stream
TRVE HILL representing a dope uptempo Set on the global Clubstreaming format „united we stream“ to save the club culture during this hard pandemic times. releasedate 26.04.2020
Jarreau Vandal - Bad shit (TRVE HILL remix)
TRVE HILL released a new jazzy slow jam remix of Jarreau Vandals - Bad shit. releasedate 21.04.2020
Kettama - B O D Y (Trve Hill & Andrew. Remix)
TRVE HILL & ANDREW. released a futuristic uptempo remix of UKs one and only Kettama and the track called B O D Y. releasedate 27.04.2020
thatboii wave sundaytape w/ chelo
during these fucking days of the pandemic situation, we started a new livestream series called thatboii.wave sundaytape. the first one starts with our mainman Chelo. releasedate 19.04.2020
TRVE HILL - Isolamento Tape Vol. 2
TRVE HILL provides us again with part 2 of his Isolamento lockdown mix. releasedate 05.04.2020
TRVE HILL - Isolamento Tape Vol. 1
TRVE HILL provides us with cozy vibes for the current lockdown. releasedate 23.03.2020
Andrew. - rhb / wntr
Andrew. went in on Brent Faiyaz' "Rehab (Winter in Paris)" and dropped this lil' edit right here. releasedate 19.03.2020
MingDing @ LesAmi - rehab your mind
MingDing w/ a dope new mix for LesAmi. releasedate 11.03.2020
Venti - Demonz
Venti just dropped a new remix of Brent Fayaz´s „Demonz“ track. releasedate 27.02.2020
thatboii-wave - FAV TEN ON TUESDAY 34
our favorite ten on tuesday soundcloud tracks vol. 34 is out on our chanel. releasedate 04.02.2020
Dvdkm - CUPID (Lehvi Remix)
Lehvi made an official remix of Dvdkm´s cupid. the remix was published on Majestic Casual. releasedate 24.01.2020