new tuesday and a new fav ten playlist up on the web     MORE >>>

The outro lugar flip by TRVE HILL in cooperation with ANDREW, which was already on the GEMPACK 4k special, is now available on soundcloud including an instrumental       MORE >>>

our maingirl Lathivha and her female collective GGVybe have taken over the Radio 80k Channel for one day and here is here guestmix     MORE >>>

TRVE HILL flipped DaniLeighs – superstar track into a housy uptempo mood.   // MORE >>>

this time our man TRVE HILL is a guest on the Copypaste radio show on Nuremberg's RadioZ and in addition to a short interview, he plays a few unreleased tracks and a few current favorite songs     MORE >>>

once again we put together our 10 favorite songs from this week. FAV TEN ON TUESDAY 38 is up on soundlcoud now     MORE >>>

Andrew is back w/ another dope guestmix for The GOOD GOOD radio Show.     MORE >>>

just like Andrew, TRVE HILL also built a track from the REMA vocals for the Vandaized edit battle and created his very own club version of the song   MORE >>>

In the course of the Jarreau Vandal Edit Battle, Andrew flipped the vocals from REMA's - "Lady" track and built an realy dope uptempo track with a sick bassline. On top there is also the instrumental on Soundcloud       MORE >>>

Andrew breaks the 5000 followers on soundcloud and immediately adds a new banger.   MORE >>>

THATBOII.wave FAV TEN ON TUESDAY episode 37 is online.       MORE >>>

TRVE HILL had the pleasure to do an guestmix w/ some timeless classics and insights into his musical world for Stuttgarts local SSB magazine and his daily metro line U9.   MORE >>>

our thatboii.wave brothers TRVE HILL and Lehvi teamed up and built an uptempo banger par excellence.   MORE >>>

another episode FAV 10 ON TUESDAY number 36 is now online     MORE >>>

another tuesday another FAV 10… we are back with our favorites in episode 35   MORE >>>

Andrew speaks in a short talk with WDR COSMO SELEKTOR about producing, sound-finding and the healthy development to become an artist. in connection he contributes a fresh guest mix with realy dope selection   MORE >>>

TRVE HILL surprises with a new guest mix and Interview for the Gs from Rhythm Blend. MORE >>>

ANDREW. made an nice exclusive uptempo remix of Brent Faiyaz – insecure for the homies from les amis MORE >>>

TRVE HILL brings the Miss fatty vibes into a new 2021 version and picked the incredible Singer Fabio Battista on the tune to support on the guitar and in the backings. MORE >>>

TRVE HILL hit the 4k Followers on Soundcloud. The GEMPACK 4k Special is a special release, including 6 Tracks, 3 of which were unpublished MORE >>>

Lathivha killed it on her new conversations mix. the mix contains an unbelievable mixture of jazz, neo soul and underground rnb hits MORE >>>

Venti flipped Borja Smiths lose yourself into a nice new interpretation. MORE >>>

the Berlin Homie Ticklish dropped his ticklish reboots 10 and picked Lehvi for their dope SWV Jam. MORE >>>

TRVE HILL released some super dope funk vibes mixed up with a cozy RnB touch. MORE >>>

new TRVE HILL guest mix for the costa rican homies from Low vibes Sessions. MORE >>>

TRVE HILL flipped Drakes – laugh now cry later and made a mix of uptempo footwork moods mixed up with crazy brass sections and dipped the vocals into some g-funk talkbox vibes. MORE >>>

les Amis invited Andrew for the Edition ANDREW with love for a new guest mix on Les Amis Radio. MORE >>>

its just fuckin cold January and TRVE HILL brings back the summerbreez with his new Sen Senta – Euforia remix MORE >>>

Venti released his special Mix ALLUSIONS. the mix is ​​combined with a shirt and art print which is available for the mix in a limited edition. MORE >>>

ANDREW had the pleasure to be a guest on the copypaste Radioshow on Radio Z. He talked a little bit about his career, producing and thatboii.wave. He also played a mindblowing guestmix on the show.   MORE >>>

happy new year to y’all! 2021 starts w/ a very special Release. ANDREWs first official release with 4 original compositions is out now on all platforms. TRVE HILL got a feature part on the electronic based track separate room as well   MORE >>>

ANDREW. released a very special christmas gift for ya´ll. he flipped D´Angelos / brown sugar classic into a cozy laidback tune with sick bassline and smooth attitude. merry X-Mas fam       MORE >>>

ANDREW is back w/ another guest mix for Frankfurts NOCTARIUM Mixquisite Sundays MORE >>>

new guestmix from Frankfurts first ladies & ggvybe members Lathivha and Miss controll for Res.Radio out now MORE >>>

another new guesmix from TRVE HILL for Londons Infinite Beats show. MORE >>>

Thatboii.wave sundaytape number 7 w/ Lathivha Ding is out now on youtube. the whole mix is allready available on soundcloud now MORE >>>

this latest release from our man Andrew is a banger. This jewel rmx of jana and Vanjess is officially out on Majestic Casual. MORE >>>

ANDREW. out now with a new guest mix for South Koreans Off Air Sessions straight outta seoul. MORE >>>

on his latest releases, TRVE HILL jumped on Bryson Tillers – blame Vocals and made a special , trippy slow jam remix. MORE >>>

Andrew and down under main man Smilez flipped another 90s vibes on Jade – i wanna love MORE >>>

new guest mix from the brother ANDREW for the infinite beats Show London. MORE >>>

ANDREW. has brought his brother dion on his side and produced a super sick housey uptempo version and some kaytra vibes of aaliyahs – rock the boat. MORE >>>

ANDREW. with an new sick guest mix for the homies from Infinit Blog MORE >>>

Thatboii.wave sundaytape number 6 w/ Ming Ding is out now on youtube. the whole mix is allready available on soundcloud now MORE >>>

Andrew hits the 4k soundcloud follower and is grateful with the new FINE Edit. MORE >>>

new TRVE HILL guestmix for Oslos number one Radio ALSO. MORE >>>

TRVE HILL had the honor to be a guest on the „love at the End“ Show from Londons Reprezent Radio Host Blue Canarinho. TRVE HILL had quick talk and made a guest mix alongside the legends VHOOR, LORKESTRA & XANDER. MORE >>>

once again he is back w/ nice driving guest mix for Bristol based Classic Morrow Show. MORE >>>

TRVE HILL delivers 11 tracks, fusing all kind of genres from R&B, Hiphop, Electronic to Afrobeats and Chill Baile. Even though the clubs are closed in most parts of the world, TRVE HILL’s edits will bring a fresh vibe to your summer 2020 playlist. “HD Drive Vol . 1 / edits & remixes” also contains […] MORE >>>

Lehvi released his new „Big Trees“ EP, full of original compositions with a heavy summer vibe. He perfectly fuses house music with neo-soul, elements of baile and some future beats, to provide us a nice soundtrack to enjoy sunny days at the park or at the beach MORE >>>

Thatboii.wave sundaytape number 5 w/ VENTI is out now on youtube. the whole mix is allready available on soundcloud now MORE >>>

big tings out now… Lehvi made this soundtrack for the new COLORS x AIAIAI Headphone that has just been released. MORE >>>

ANDREW with another nice 90s flavor in his new luv like this uptempo flip of faith Evans classic single out now on soundcloud. MORE >>>

Thatboii.wave sundaytape number 4 w/ ANDREW is out now on youtube. the whole mix is allready available on soundcloud now MORE >>>

Qnoe and TRVE HILL doin business together and bring the soul 2 soul classic „ back 2 life „ on a whole new level and flipped it into hard garage vibes. MORE >>>

new super cozy & chill Demonz interlude flip by Jungle and Andrew. MORE >>>

Andrew and stuttgart buddy jungle released an dope uptempo pumpin edit of perdano MORE >>>

Thatboii.wave sundaytape number 3 w/ TRVE HILL ist out now on youtube. the whole mix is allready available on soundcloud now MORE >>>

ANDREW released a dope housy, garage rex of bustas dangerous w/ the german/canadian homie Luca   MORE >>>

the pandemic situation is still kickin ass, and the 2nd livestream w/ our thatboii.wave sundaytape series is online. Once again with our mainman Chelo on the ones and twos the whole mix is allready available on soundcloud now MORE >>>

TRVE HILL & ANDREW. released a futuristic uptempo remix of UKs one and only Kettama and the track called B O D Y.       MORE >>>

TRVE HILL representing a dope uptempo Set on the global Clubstreaming format „united we stream“ to save the club culture during this hard pandemic times. his mix is already up on soundcloud now.   MORE >>>

TRVE HILL released a new jazzy slow jam remix of Jarreau Vandals – Bad shit.       MORE >>>

during these fucking days of the pandemic situation, we started a new livestream series called thatboii.wave sundaytape. the first one starts with our mainman Chelo. the whole mix is allready available on soundcloud now MORE >>>

TRVE HILL provides us again with part 2 of his Isolamento lockdown mix.     MORE >>>

TRVE HILL provides us with cozy vibes for the current lockdown.   MORE >>>

Andrew. went in on Brent Faiyaz’ “Rehab (Winter in Paris)” and dropped this lil’ edit right here   MORE >>>

shortly before the lockdown 1 went into effect, we hosted our third thatboii.wave party at bar senatore MORE >>>

MingDing w/ a dope new mix for LesAmis     MORE >>>

Venti just dropped a new remix of Brent Fayaz´s „Demonz“ track.             MORE >>>

our favorite ten on tuesday soundcloud tracks vol. 34 is out on our channel.   MORE >>>

Lehvi made an official remix of Dvdkm´s cupid. the remix was published on Majestic Casual. MORE >>>

we hosted our own party at the Fashion Week Paris in January 2020 and recorded another thatboii radio show at the same time. MORE >>>

here is a visual recap of our 2nd thatboii.wave party at Bar Senatore in Munich MORE >>>

From now on THATBOII is available in the renowned sneakerstore “Asphaltgold” in Darmstadt. To celebrate that, the third Radio THATBOII took place in the beautiful store on November 21st . A.tari and Venti were creating a unique vibe and the perfect mood through their special sets. Check the gallery to get some impressions of the […] MORE >>>

On october 12th THATBOII launched the new collection „Blurred“ in the spacious Goldberg Studios in Munich. More than 200 people celebrated the collection. Afterwards VENTI & A.TARI kept the party going at the first thatboii.wave 001 in the nearby cozy bar Senatore. From hiphop, soul to electronic future sounds — the vibe was real, open […] MORE >>>